About us

Sofiz Kitchen And Bar Is The Only Restaurant In The Chico Area Specializing In Authentic Pakistani Food.

At sofiz kitchen, we believe in making no compromises when it comes to quality and taste. We put extra effort into preparing every meal so that everyone enjoys their fresh, hot food with the best quality of ingredients. From the moment you walk in to sofiz kitchen and bar, we promise you a wonderful experience of delicious, authentic tastes with simplicity so you savor great food with the perfect ambiance. We cook authentic, family-loved recipes with fresh halal meat and aromatic spices from pakistan. Our fresh vegetables are prepped daily but are cooked separately before blending them together with other ingredients to complete the final dish.

Chef Sofi

Years of dedication and experience

At Sofi’z we believe that eating a healthy and delicious food is the most natural way of healing. We do not pre-cook the meals thus ensuring fresh, healthy and tasteful food.
Come to Sofi’z and allow my family to take care of yours!

Specializing In Authentic Pakistani Food


When ever you feel hungry, feel free to visit our stylishly decorated dining room to indulge in exceptional tastes from pakistan! We know everyone wants better food, not expensive food; a good meal begins with the best quality ingredients and a great, well-loved recipe. Our famous curries are a mixture of exotic spices, vegetables, basmati rice and naan Bread accompanied by delicious desserts. Sofiz kitchen is pakistani cuisine blended of various regional cooking traditions from south, centra and west asia as well as popular lements infused from the mughal legacy in india

Formal Or Informal Parties, Birthdays, Lunch Or Dinner

Years of dedication and experience

Planning and executing that perfect party does not have to make you feel crazy! Feel confident that sofiz kitchen will take are of you and your loved ones. Sofiz kitchen is the unique place to come for formal or informal parties, birthdays, lunch or dinner with colleagues or family. In the future, we will gladly offer the typical pakistani breakfast, called nashta consisting of lassi, minced meat, fresh seasonal fruit, eggs, paratha (fry bread made with flour and organic ghee) and traditional paya (trotters/hooves cooked with spices). Eating good, nutritious, and delectable food is the most natural way of healing. We do not pre-cook, ensuring fresh, tasteful meals so we appreciate your patience while we prepare your feast. Our family is proudly here to take care of you & we hope you enjoy your “Excursion to pakistan”!